Based on the consolidated report from the PSU SAS Extension Unit, 13 of its 18 targets or 72% were accomplished. Such performance rating is attributed to the four extension projects conducted such as:

1) Association’s Management Training;
2) Webinar on Developing and Designing Learning Modules for Distance Learners;
3) Alab Filipino: Peryodismo sa Bagong Normal; and
4) Beyond the Border: Maintaining Mental Hygiene in the Post-Pandemic Period Extension Project.

Other accomplishments of the Unit includes three local and three national partners, a gendersensitive extension project conducted, two training designs developed, hundred beneficiaries of knowledge transfer, 5% students involvement, 35 research citations, 88% attendance to various trainings by the faculty and 90% faculty involvement to extension projects and proposal development.

Report about the accomplishments was discussed by the TWG of PSU SAS during the virtual meetings held last November 15, 2021.

Dr. Potenciano D. Conte, Jr., the extension coordinator presented the SWOT analysis of the extension unit and suggested to capitalize on their strengths, to minimize their weaknesses, while taking advantage of their opportunities. The report was updated on December 20, 2021.

The PSU SAS Extension Unit also discussed the result of its SWOT analysis in extension services to capitalize on its strengths, while taking advantage of its opportunities, lessening the threat that might be caused by its weaknesses.