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     The Graduate School originated from the programs of the then Central Luzon Teachers’ College (CLTC) which is now known as the PSU-Bayambang Campus (PSU-BC). 

     PSU-BC had a humble beginning as it started as the Bayambang Normal School (BNS) in 1922. However, it closed in 1930 due to the worldwide economic crisis but was eventually re-opened and renamed as Pangasinan Normal School (PNS) in 1948. In 1953, it became part of the Philippine-UNESCO National Community Training Center (PUNCTC). From a two-year collegiate institution, it offered the four-year teacher education program in 1954 by virtue of RA No. 975. Then in 1961, its graduate program was opened. Eventually, in 1969, a Charter was created and stipulated in RA No. 5705 renaming the PNS to CLTC.


     In 1978, the issuance of PD NO. 1497, the Pangasinan State University (PSU) was instituted. In 1982, the doctoral program of the university was offered in the then College of Education, Bayambang Campus. In 1987, four centers of the Graduate School were created and situated in PSU-Bayambang, PSU-Lingayen, PSU-Sta Maria, and PSU-Urdaneta, which was made the central office of graduate education up to the present. The following year and the succeeding years, the master’s program of the three centers were transferred to PSU-Urdaneta.  All the graduate programs were centralized at PSU-Graduate School in Urdaneta City Campus in 1994.

     Aside from the two programs, the Doctor of Education and the Master of Arts in Education, PSU-Graduate School had expanded its curricular offerings to include the following: Doctor of Philosophy in Developmental Studies (Ph.D. Developmental Studies), Master of Science in Agriculture (MS Agriculture), Master in Management Engineering (MME), and Master in Development Management.

     Furthermore, a satellite campus based in Bayambang was also established during the first semester of SY 2009-2010 to cater to the clients from the nearby provinces of Regions 1, 2, 3, IV B, and Metro Manila. In addition to the MAEd programs in Bayambang, the satellite campus offers Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN), Master in Business Administration (MBA), and Master in Public Administration (MPA) to cater to the advanced education needs of the graduates.

     Upon the assumption of Dr. DEXTER R. BUTED as the president in December 10, 2014, the PSU-Graduate School was renamed as the PSU-School of Advanced Studies (SAS) by virtue of BOR Res. No. 74, s. 2015.

     Today, PSU-SAS is at the forefront of the University. Thus, it has become a potent force in the intellectual and professional development of people with lofty aspirations and noble visions. Ultimately, PSU-SAS serves as an avenue for higher standards of practice in the profession for   the benefit of the society and the nation.


     The QS Stars Rating System is yet another journey that we embark after garnering the most -coveted Philippine Quality Award. Fresh from this victory, we remember the rigorous and daunting process of assessment and waiting for the final results, we must not rest our laurels but strike while the iron is hot. As they say, improvement need not stop for it is a cycle, a continuing process that we undergo to keep on growing and sustain the trajectory of progress for the benefit of all our stakeholders. Let us have that insatiable desire to learn and earn that spot in being recognized as one of the top universities in Asia.

     We are getting nearer to the realization of our vision more than ever, to become a premier state university in the ASEAN. So we must go on, and keep on doing what we do best. Make quality our way of life. We have already conquered the Philippines, it is now time to set our eyes on the ASEAN rankings and even the World rankings.

     With this, I warmly welcome you to the website of one of the most important units in the university in delivering high-quality graduate education, the School of Advanced Studies.



University President


     The Pangasinan State University- School of Advanced Studies acknowledges the importance of accreditation as it ensures a certain level of academic quality standard. Venturing in accreditation provides us a bench mark to determine the quality education and excellent service delivery being rendered to the students and other stakeholders.

     For this academic year, 2021-2022, the School of Advanced Studies have submitted it’s three programs for accreditation conducted by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities, Inc. (AACCUP) last May 16-19, 2022, with the blazing desire and passion  to achieve our goals and objectives. These programs were Master in Development Management major in Public Management- Level III Phase 2; Master of Science in Agriculture major in Animal Science and Crop Science- Level I; and Master of Management in Education- Preliminary Survey Visit. This August 2022, our Doctor of Philosophy for Development Studies is slated for Level I accreditation by the AACCUP.

     Our programs in the Master of Education and Doctor of Education were awarded Level IV Accreditation by the AACCUP in 2020. Other programs of the School of Advance Studies are on deck for accreditation for higher level comes Academic Year 2022-2023.

     With several quality assurance tools that our university have employed, we had seen so much growth in our operations, support services and governance which led us to fully embrace continuous quality improvement, not to be perfect but to be a better performing institution. As a proof, Pangasinan State University is the only Academic Institution in the Philippines to ever received the most Prestigious Philippine Quality Award- Level 3: Recognition for Mastery Quality Management. And, last November 2021, PSU was officially hailed as an ‘Investors in People Gold Awardee’ by the Investors in People, the first State University and College (SUC) in the Philippines to be distinguished with the internationally-recognized award. By constantly submitting our programs thru rigorous and comprehensive assessment in the areas of quality assurance, our university bolster its unparalleled zeal for quality and excellence. More than the award, receiving findings and recommendations after going through these assessments are much more important than the award itself. As an institutional community, we can move forward to greater heights ushering our beloved institution to take the path of continuous improvement.

     I would like to sincerely express my heartfelt gratitude to our  beloved University President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted for his brilliant ideas, innovative and workable targets in initiating quality assurance in the university. His visions since the time he took the reign of the Pangasinan State University, were more and more manifested and  realized as PSU continuously receives prestigious awards and accolades not only the the national but in the international arena. PSU is more than resilient, responsive and relevant institution of higher education at par or even better than any institution in the Philippines.

     Lastly, my heartfelt gratitude to the SAS officials, faculty and non-teaching personnel who dedicate their time, effort and most especially their talents and wisdom to teach in the graduate programs during Saturdays. They have untirelessly prepared all the voluminous e-documents for this milestone- QStar Award. May we find the next days or weeks truly rewarding and beneficial for all of us

Thank you very much and may God bless us all.

Executive Director, School of Advanced Studies (SAS)