SAS Engaging Classrooms

Apart from providing the fundamentals, the School of Advanced Studies utilizes pedagogical techniques that inspires mutual participation and critical thinking. This dialectical approach to learning maximizes not only the potential of the students in their respective industry, it also advances the field of inquiry they are pursuing. Careful attention is also allocated in making these classrooms safe spaces for discussions as the institution believes that a non-discriminating and open classroom is an engaging classroom.

SAS Computer Laboratories

The School of Advanced Studies utilizes state-of-the-art pedagogical technologies and techniques to maximize the learning experience of its constituents. The computer laboratory is among the long line of services and facilities that ensures the access of the students and faculty members alike to competent tools that are vital to academic productivity.

SAS Learning in Common Library

The School of Advanced Studies believes that accessible materials are useful and productive materials materials. Inspired and motivated by such tenet, the institution launches the Leaning in Commons Library which aims to provide scholarly help through the streamlining of information accessibility.

SAS ONE-STOP-SHOP Student Services

The School of Advanced Studies aims to maximize the production of pockets of convenience to its constituents. In line with such, the One-Stop-Shop is geared towards providing precisely such. With the one-stop-shop, the constituents of the institution is assured of efficient and effective delivery of different student services required.

SAS COVID-19 Response

The School of Advanced Studies prioritizes the safety and security of its constituents. In response to the eminent threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the institution fortified its facilities to minimize the possibility of the spread of the contagion. This is done by conducting temperature checks at key entry and exit points, strictly adhering to the mask mandate, maximizing the airflow of physical rooms, and keeping track of the vaccine rate of its constituents. On the other hand, the institution also strengthened its familiarity and competence in managing online classrooms should the need to virtualize arrive.