Twenty (20) proposed extension projects of the PSU School of Advanced Studies are approved for implementation for the year 2022.

According to Dr. Potenciano D. Conte, Jr., the Extension Coordinator, the approved projects are under two extension program—one to be implemented by the MAEd and EdD programs, and the other by the PhD, MDM, MME, MPA, MBA programs. The approved budget for both the program is 1,240,000 pesos. Partner institutions include the Schools Division of Pangasinan II of the Department of Education, the local gov ernment unit of Urdaneta City.

Other curricular programs from other PSU campuses are tapped as partners to better implement the extension projects. Listed below are the extension projects duly approved by the Board of Regents for implementation with the curricular programs in charge.

Extension Program

Adopt-a-Schools Division Extension Program:

Project 1– Webinar on Developing Training Activities and Materials of DepEd Teacher in Social Studies (MAEd Social Studies);

Project 2– Financial Literacy & Investing in Stock Market for Teachers during the time of Pandemic (MAEd Social Studies);

Project 3– Installation and Utilization of LMS for Teachers’ Classroom Mgt. (MAEd Computer Education);

Project 4– Computer Literacy (Video Making, Advanced PPt) Training among Teachers (MAEd Computer Education);

Project 5– Educational Management Enhancement Training for School Administrators and Teachers (EdD & MAEd major in Educational Mgt.);

Project 6– Enhancing the Approaches in Guidance and Counseling among Schools in the New Normal (EdD & MAEd major in Guidance and Counseling);

Project 7– Management and Delivery of Mathematics using Online Platforms in the New Normal (EdD and MAEd major in Mathematics);

Project 8– Management and Delivery of Science Education using Online Platforms in the New Normal (EdD and MAEd major in Science);

Project 9– Delivery of Communication Arts Education in the New Normal (MAEd major in Communication Arts – English & Filipino)

Project 10– Delivery of Special Education in the New Normal (MAEd major in Special Education);

Project 11– Enhancing the Approaches in Teaching T.H.E. in the New Normal (MAEd major in T.H.E.); and

Project 12– ECEDUKUSSION Para sa Bata, Lahat ng Bata, Bawat Bata (MAEd major in Early Childhood Education).

Adopt-a-local government Unit Extension:

Program Project 1– Leadership and Management Enhancement Training among LGU Administrators and Heads in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan (PhD Development Studies, MDM, MPA);

Project 2– Community Organization among Mothers in LGU Urdaneta City: Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Training and Women Empowerment (PhD Development Studies, MDM, MPA, MBA, MAED Guidance Counseling, MAEd TLE, AB Economics, BS Social Work and BSND of PSU Lingayen Campus);

Project 3 – Enhancement Training on LGU’s Management Engineering (MME, College of Engineering and Architecture of PSU Urdaneta Campus);

Project 4 – Online Marketing, Financial Literary and Investment among Industries in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan (MBA, MAEd Social Studies, MAEd Computer Education, AB Economics-PSU Lingayen Campus);

Project 5 – Enhancement Training on Marketing, Financial Literary and Investment among Businessmen and women on Agricultural Produce in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan (MS Agriculture, AB Economics-Lingayen Campus); and

Project 6 – Backyard Farming among Families in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan (MS Agriculture).

Two other approved extension projects are:

1) Orientation Training on People’s Public Finance Institute: Empowering Citizens in Asserting Rights to Public Finance; and

2) Project START-First: Generating Research Topics with Alignment with PSU Research Agenda.