Over ten faculty members from the School of Advanced Studies grabbed the opportunity to be part of the 2018 Statistics Training Workshop held at the Dr. Telesforo Boquiren Convention Hall to 8 with the theme “Multivariate Data Analysis for Social and Applied Researches.” On the first part of the even which happened almost a hundred faculty members from different campuses attended the three-day event(August 6 to 8) to which Prof. Genelyn Ma  Sarte of  the       University        of the    Philippines    School of   Statistics    served  as keynote speaker.

Another batch was held on August 17 to 19 wherein Prof. Martin Agustin   Borlogan, another faculty member from the University of the Philippines School of Statistics, was the resource speaker. This event is a privilege to the faculty of Pangasinan State University to strengthen essence of statistics the field of research, education,  and economics.