Empowering scholars, researchers, educators, students, professionals and other groups to collaborate, innovate and help to shape the Future of Education, Dr. Jun S. Camara, a faculty member of Pangasinan State University – School of Advanced Studies (PSU-SAS), served as one of the plenary speakers along with notable world experts from USA, Russia, and Republic of Congo  with his topic ‘6D Research Publication Model for HEIs’ during the 4th International Conference on the Future of Education (FOE) 2021 held in a virtual platform, August 12-13, 2021.

Geared with the theme ‘Educational Innovations: The Future of Education’, the said confab provided an opportunity for  the delegates to share their valuable knowledge and experience in Education from various perspectives and to share views and ideas on Future of Education, network with international colleagues which made the conference filled with full opportunity for engagement.

Said confab was organized by the International Institute of Knowledge Management, Sri Lanka, and was participated in by more than 85 participants from more than 25 countries around the world making the conference with representation from every continent and regions across the world. Moreover, it is also a partner of SCOPUS and Web of Science-indexed journals.