𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐊 I On March 17, 2023, an online orientation for the Comprehensive Examination was held for the students of PSU-SAS. The program started with an opening prayer led by Dr. Elizabeth Episcope, Executive Secretary, and a presentation of the comprehensive examination by Dr. Joel T. Cayabyab, Deputy Director for Academics, Research and Extension.

After the presentation, the orientation proper began with Dr. Paulo V. Cenas, Executive Director, discussing basic statistics and research methods. He emphasized the importance of understanding statistical methods to ensure the accuracy of research findings. He also discussed the different research methods and their applications in various fields.

The next speaker was Dr. Reynaldo T. Gelido, the Dean of Management, Business and Public Administration, who discussed policy formulation and analysis. He explained the different steps involved in policy formulation, such as problem identification, agenda setting, and policy formulation, and how these steps contribute to creating effective policies.

Dr. Cheryl C. Mendoza, Chair of Development Studies, discussed foresights and futures thinking. She highlighted the significance of considering future scenarios in decision-making and planning. She also explained how foresights and future thinking could help individuals and organizations anticipate future trends and prepare for potential challenges.

Dr. Emmanuel Ross B. Tomas, Dean of Doctor of Education, presented the action plan. He discussed the importance of developing a concrete plan of action to achieve goals effectively. He also shared some tips on creating a comprehensive plan of action, including identifying goals, determining strategies, and setting timelines.

Lastly, an open forum was facilitated by Dr. Cristeta C. Dulos, Deputy Director for Administration, Planning, and Quality Assurance. Students were allowed to ask questions and clarify their concerns about the comprehensive examination and the topics discussed during the orientation.

In conclusion, the online orientation for the Comprehensive Examination held on March 17, 2023, provided valuable insights into various aspects of research, policy formulation, futures thinking, and plan of action. The program aimed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to pass the comprehensive examination and succeed in their respective fields. The comprehensive examination is a crucial step in a student’s academic journey, and this orientation helped students prepare for it effectively.