𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐊 l On March 15, 2023, PSU-SAS conducted a Comprehensive Examination Test Questions Writeshop to construct test questions for a comprehensive examination. The writeshop was attended by the executive director, deputy directors, and program chairpersons. The writeshop aimed to create a set of well-designed and comprehensive test questions that will assess the knowledge and skills of the students.

The writeshop began with an introduction by Dr. Paulo V. Cenas, the Executive Director.  Dr. Cenas emphasized the importance of creating quality test questions aligned with the learning objectives and curriculum. He also highlighted the significance of ensuring the test questions are clear and well-constructed to avoid confusion and ambiguity.

The specialization chairpersons then presented the learning objectives of their respective specializations. They discussed the specific topics and concepts that needed to be included in the test questions. The deputy directors, with program deans, provided insights on the areas that need more emphasis and the expected level of difficulty for the questions.

The participants then collaborated in writing the test questions. They made sure that the questions were clear, concise, and well-structured. They also ensured that the questions would measure the knowledge and skills the students needed to demonstrate.

Overall, the writeshop conducted was a success. The group of executive director, deputy directors, program deans, and specialization chairpersons worked collaboratively to create a set of comprehensive and well-constructed test questions.