MENTAL HEALTH IS ALSO WEALTH. PSU operates on social media to reach out for people with mental health concerns.

The PSU Mental Health Support Service created a Facebook page to disseminate their plan to help the PSU community with their mental health concerns, especially in crises.

Since its launch up to the quarantine course, several callers had addressed their concerns, mostly students and a few faculty members.


According to the Admission and Guidance Center, the office that holds the University’s Mental Health Support Service, the client may use any mode of communication they prefer and respond. The office offers e-counseling and free therapy, especially to those who suffer  from anxiety attacks, insomnia, and family problems.


Ms. Danielle Madero, a registered psychometrician and guidance counselor of PSU, suggested doing journaling to be productive. “Make it a habit to write. Write your feelings. Takedown what you want to do today and the next day, what you want to have,” she suggested.

Ms. Modero added:“Take a moment out of silence. Internalize every morning after you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. It’s like an insight into journaling.


The office resumes its service up to the present and is open to all PSUnians.