Primary Author: Potenciano D. Conte, Jr.

Believing that education as the best tool to enhance the social and economic status of a person, his/her family, few faculty members from different PSU Campuses are sponsoring financial support to students through the “Faculty Scholarship to PSU Students Program ” or PSPSP. Faculty sponsors are from the Lingayen Campus, Binmaley Campus and San Carlos Campus.

Even with the RA 10931 granting free tuition and other fees in state universities and colleges in the country, many deserving students whose desire to complete college education is hindered with poverty. Started in the school year 2020-2021, eight (8) students are receiving their need for their online classes. These students came from Alaminos City Campus, Lingayen Campus, Binmaley Campus and San Carlos City Campus.

Student applications were screened. Finalists were interviewed via phone. Coordinated to Dr. Evelyn Lomboy, the former Director for Student Services and Alumni Affairs, announcements about the scholarship were made known to target campuses with the help of their respective Student Services Coordinator.

The faculty-sponsors who prefer anonymity hope that such action may be paid forward by the recipients once they become successful in their lives. They are also inviting more faculty members in the University to join the cause.