Dr. Rosario Valencerina, Executive Director of PSU School of Advanced Studies virtually welcomed the Visiting Professors from its partner ASEAN universities on November 03, 2021 through a simply ceremony. As the university gears to expand its horizon in the education arena, one of the programs that it is undertaking is the Visiting Professor program, to be hosted specifically by the PSU-School of Advanced Studies.

The program is considered to add international flavour to the academic and instructional approaches SAS currently has. With the wealth of knowledge and information to be put forth by the Visiting Professors, the students will surely benefit from this program. Potential research collaborations are also possible as the visiting professors are expected to provide consultation, conduct lectures and workshops, and mentor academic staff and graduate students in the professor’s field of expertise and one of which could be in the field of research.

Among others, SAS is delighted as it could increase students’ awareness and knowledge of national and international issues, provide key role models to students and enhance students’ academic experience, encourage and support possible research and teaching collaborations with PSU-SAS faculty and graduate students and lastly provide opportunities for networking, nurturing collaborations, and developing new partnerships

Dr. Valencerina assured that the Visiting Professors that, SAS will provide all the support system that they will need in order for them to accomplish all that they are tasked to do and commit to make sure that being with SAS will contribute to further enrich their professional and academic practice and experiences and that it will be a life-memory worth keeping.