Zoom participants were engrossed with Sir Ali’s discussion on qualitative research.

Culminating the second semester with a heightened opportunity for the learning experience, the students of the Doctor of Education major in Guidance and Counseling convened participants in the virtual platform to convey relevant information and deepen their understanding of different topics for the three courses they were enrolled at on the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022.

On January 29, 2022, the Webinar on Unpacking a Chapter of Qualitative Research was conducted, thru the guidance of their course professor in GAC 312 (Research Seminar in Student Services), Dr. Cecilia G. Junio, in collaboration with classes under Dr. Zosima M. Sison (MPA 299 -Thesis Seminar), Dr. Ghana L. Cahatol (MBA 202- Methods of Research), and Dr. Cheryl C. Mendoza (EDF 201–Methods of Research). The brilliant resource speaker, Sir Alejandro S. Ibañez, a SEA-PLM Policy Programme Specialist at SEAMEO Secretariat in Bangkok, Thailand, delivered his substantial and praiseworthy talk, alongside relating to the student’s research proposal journey, thereby allowing a much clearer perspective of their research plans. With awe and appreciation of Sir Ali’s discussion, students could elicit insights on research instrumentation and data-gathering, research data analysis, and qualitative research methodologies in general.