Coinciding with the Chinese New Year on February 1 was also a free and enriching webinar on Career Literacy entitled, “Journey Towards Career: Handa Ka Na Ba?” which was an output of the thorough planning of the GAC 317 (Career Education) class under Dr. Sheridan Manamtam.  Competent resource speakers were comprised of career advocates themselves, Ms. Michela P. Dela Cruz who talked on Personal Development; Mr. Arvin A.  Betonio who facilitated the exploration of Career Theories; and Mr. Dave Patrick L. Ruiz who delved on Career Talks, and are all students in GAC 317.

The aim of the virtual event was generally to facilitate the guidance personnel to reach out to Junior and Senior high school learners in this now normal situation in career exploration  and  engagement, and to offer information that are helpful to parents in understanding the world their children’s future will navigate around. In addition, this webinar provided the learners basic understanding about career journey by review of different theories and their real life applications; elicit insights on responsible social media activity in acquiring appropriate personality development; manifest learning from the constantly changing job landscape; maximize the use of informative and interactive teaching-learning process through the use of social media platform; and provide authentic learning opportunities.