Featuring our Alumnus for the Month of October from PSU-San Carlos City and PSU-SAS, Dr. ROGELIO DE GUZMAN

“I believe that the PSU provided me with adequate experiences, significant learnings that developed my teaching and leadership competencies.”

Dr. Rogelio De Guzman earned his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education from Pangasinan State University- San Carlos City Campus in 1998, and his EdD in Education Management from Pangasinan State University’s School of Advanced Studies in 2016.

His most memorable experience in PSU was the rigorous process and the amazing people who helped him in finishing his dissertation was no doubt a memorable one. Also, his EdD classmates who shared their joys and struggles as they battled to finish the race.

He mentioned that Dr. Manolito Manuel, Dr. Amado Ramos, and Dr. Cristeta C. Dulos, had a significant influence on him at PSU-SAS.

After graduating Doctor of Education, he was promoted as Secondary School Principal where he shared his leadership competencies, creativity and innovative skills to teachers and learners.

The knowledge, skills, and experiences developed in him during his stay as a student in the School of Advance Studies made him confident and resilient to face challenges that come along the way. The research skills he gained from SAS always reminds him to creatively solve problems based from the available data and researches.

He was awarded as the Top 2, Most Outstanding School Head, DepEd Region in 2021, Most Innovative School Head SDO-San Carlos in 2021, and the Top 4 National Level National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH) in 2012.

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