The Research Unit of the School of Advanced Studies, operating under the Office of the Deputy Director for Academics, Research, and Extension, proudly organized a comprehensive workshop and orientation program on March 3, 2023. The event served as a platform to provide guidance and support to the esteemed students who successfully passed the 2023 Comprehensive Examination.

The orientation was meticulously designed based on the needs of the 2023 Comprehensive Examination Passers. using a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Pre-test and Post-test were given through the Research Unit to cater to the unique needs and challenges they faced. To nurture academic excellence, Dr. Paulo V. Cenas, SAS Executive Director, with Dr. Joel T. Cayabyab, Deputy Director for Academics, Research, and Extension and the Research Unit headed by Dr. Jun S. Camara, devised a comprehensive plan that incorporated a range of interactive activities, informative sessions, and meaningful guidance. The primary objectives were to offer valuable insights, address concerns, and provide a roadmap for their academic and research endeavors.

The program commenced with a series of informative sessions led by experienced faculty members, renowned researchers, and academic professionals. These sessions aimed to equip the passers with a deeper understanding of the academic landscape, research methodologies, and the significance of continued scholarly pursuit. By sharing their expertise and experiences, the speakers instilled confidence and enthusiasm among the participants, motivating them to strive for excellence.

Recognizing the significance of personalized guidance and mentorship, the Research Unit facilitated break-out room sessions among the passers, program chairs, and program deans in their respective fields of specialization. This opportunity allowed them to seek advice, clarify doubts, and gain valuable insights from seasoned mentors. The mentorship component aimed to establish a strong support system that would assist the participants throughout their academic journey, promoting a nurturing and enriching research environment.

Indeed, the workshop and orientation program underscored the commitment of the School of Advanced Studies to academic excellence and provided a strong foundation for the participants to excel in their research endeavors.